by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

1 billion rewards for supporting Dawa
assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi
wabarakatuh firstly we would like to
thank all of our viewers and subscribers
for making the merciful servant the
number one Dawa channel on YouTube at
hand Allah without your support we would
not be able to deliver the high quality
content that has been delivered through
our channel we have already gained over
1.6 million subscribers worldwide and
reaches staggering 115 million viewers
every year with our content these are
numbers many people thought were
impossible to reach with Islamic content
but with the help of Allah nothing is
impossible we will be the first-ever
Dawa based channel to launch a
professional app and platform similar to
Netflix tenders that will launch later
this year our videos have been
translated to Arabic French Spanish
German Malay Bengali Japanese Turkish
Indonesian Albanian and countless other
languages all over the world special
skills oh nice massive autonomous edema
a lot oh you cut about schemas fear
Allah subhana WA Ta'ala near autumn
alehsalaam hora maha was a genetic erm
effort while
Allah has shown the people until right
now as shown the people what he wants
this year we want to give all of our
viewers and supporters the chance to
share this mighty reward with us and to
help us develop our content and quality
to much higher standards never seen
before in the Tao the reward for
supporting just one year of content on
our channel would be over 1 billion good
deeds based on our current viewership
the prophet sallallaahu salam said every
deed of the son of adam is multiplied
from ten to seven hundred times so a
hundred million views multiplied by 10
is 1 billion rewards a year and keep in
mind this is only the minimum
subhanAllah your good deeds will not end
after one year you will keep getting
rewards for the rest of your life and
even after death the messenger of allah
salallahu sallam said if the son of Adam
dies his deeds will terminate except for
a charity that he leaves behind
knowledge that benefits or a righteous
son who would pray for him your
donations and support will allow us to
go above and beyond with our work and
produce more exciting and powerful
videos showing the entire world the
beauty and truth that as Islam inshallah
if we can reach our target we will be
able to establish the merciful servant
studios but if our target is not meant
we will continue to use the funds for
the production of new Dawa material
please visit the links in the
description to support us jazak allahu


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