️Update️- Lisk | Rebranding, Main Net & SDK

by birtanpublished on September 15, 2020

hey guys welcome back today I'm here to do an updated video on Liske I cover this project back in November of last year which is essentially an eternity encrypted adjusted terms as usual I like to disclose if I'm holding any of the

Project and I do still hold all the original lists that I bought way back in November when I covered this project originally quick reminder please hit that like of that subscribe button if you haven't I put out new concept pretty

Frequently and I would hate for anybody to miss out my usual disclaimer I'm not a financial advisor all investments have inherent risk and please do your own research alright so we would like to talk about with this project because

Again I said you know November's the last time I covered it so the first thing in February was hoobie launched list trading pairs obviously this is kind of old news now and they've been listed elsewhere but hoobie is a pretty

Bit big exchange and they have list Knuth and list Bitcoin pairs which is pretty important obviously more liquidity getting the project out there very important for to be on multiple exchanges then at the end of February

Liske finally underwent its very very long awaited relaunch basically this was a whole kind of upgrade of the website their operating system their wallet their logo everything they did a total rebrand to

Refresh there was a lot of not unhappiness but people weren't really super pleased at the logo so they kind of made it much more simple as you can see here with them standing in front of it I like it a lot more it's very

Simplistic gets the point across but still looks like the original project the relaunch event was a major milestone analyst development roadmap and included the formal introduction of the new blockchain platforms branded image

Website logo product names the Academy and list cub alongside the relaunch they also launched the risk Academy which will serve as a one-stop shop for blockchain education and information for the non developer and developer

Communities alike so I popped over here and I was pretty impressed you know they define it as a comprehensive and unbiased educational platform on the blockchain so basically what it is as you can see

Over here the basics welcome what is blockchain blockchain for kids and so on what's an ICO this is really important because obviously this is kind of like you know the bedrock of cryptocurrency in general so if you're gonna pick

Projects and you're gonna be kind of tribalistic about what you want to follow you have to fully understand blockchain tech you know on as the underlying concept so it's pretty cool that they made the Academy to

Understand blockchain basics and then you can move on to picking projects like maybe you'll end up liking lists but you know education really is power in this space and it's very important that we remember that there's always going to be

New people coming in day by day and not everyone's gonna understand it so having these kinds of resources are really cool as you can see here they stay we've created the LES Academy to help everyone develop an understanding of this

Revolutionary technology basically so it'll be useful for a complete beginner somebody that's new to blockchain and aspiring crypto currency trader and so on so they're kind of aiming this at just about anybody and everyone that

Will be in this space then in March they released a list hub update so for those of you who don't know list cub is an all-in-one solution to manage your list ID access and send list tokens as well as vote for delegates it combines

Functionality for the former wallet and the blockchain Explorer in the future a list couple feature index so a decentralized exchange which is pretty cool news sidechain registration and the ability to launch your own ico so on

They're doing regular releases you know continue to update the product and make sure that they're doing what they said they were gonna do you know so these are the things that are the top of their list account initialization second pass

Branch registration delegate registration all this stuff so this is like an update to the normal UI the wallet to kind of have everything in one centralized location which is probably why they called it a hub if you're

Interested in seeing any of the new releases or anything that they have going on there github is pretty active and you can find pretty much anything you need here in june on twitter they announced their public test snap for

Their version one the migration will take place when we've reached block height five million five hundred ninety four thousand four hundred nine day so basically this was the test net announcement for their version list core

One they also show here that they listed a lot of tests any issues that they ran into you know more information more updates about the completed large-scale public beta tests now approximately five hundred nodes they have i mean their

Medium is full of updates that i feel like the team must spend so much time doing updates because multiple times a week multiple times a month i'm seeing stuff on here so if you have any question

About any progress anything related to the project go to their medium first because it's absolutely like a goldmine of information as far as the project goes I guess in June there was actually a service interruption that network so

They did a big long write up explaining kind of what happened there was a temporary hole in the network despite the fact that the issue was identified and resolved within several hours they believe the situation warrants more

Thorough explanation of precisely what happened to the less network now I'm not gonna go through exactly what happen to read everything but I mean they give you all of the errors they give you exactly what they think happened how they fixed

It I mean you can see Saturday June 2nd June 5th like they they give you a play-by-play of exactly how they fix it and worked it out we're proud of the list Network safety and security and the people who facilitated this the

Developers that like curves office were incredibly quick to respond to to the issue several of them came to the office on Saturday morning and worked quickly and efficiently so obviously issues of the project are not ideal but they're

Gonna happen I mean it's an occupational hazard we're kind of blazing new trails right technology wise so I think all things considered this was best-case scenario for how they could have handled it they did it right up

They took responsibility for it they explained how they resolved it and then they thanked the community and it looks like they put any fears to rest Ben and July dedicated less community members in China founded the first ever list okis

Blockchain incubator that they're calling elites Center so as you can see here the first world the world's first liske incubator earlier this month dedicated list community members in China found at the

Global vaso on held its first inaugural conference the incubator comes as initiative from the team of a-list delegates known as the elite group there's a little bit of controversy there but they have a vision to help

Further build and grow the liske ecosystem by providing opportunities for investors to help get involved with list-based projects so this is pretty cool obviously having a group that's focused on growth and development within

The project to help strengthen the ecosystem to have projects build on it to have projects get involved very important obviously development team is working on the inner workings of the project they can't always be focused on

All this other external stuff so it's cool to see when communities jump in and start to really help out the project for growth and you know just upward movement coming up at 11 days is the first ICO that's gonna run on the list platform

Called Mandana it is an ICO that stands for preserving privacy by design blockchain based ecosystem lots anyone to stay in control of their data while monetizing an anonymous way this is pretty cool that

There's an ICO going on this project mostly because the project's been around for what seems like quite a while and it's interesting to see finally that its platform aspects are kind of taking growth on its own and we're seeing

Platforms become like the really big talk of 2018 at least you know in the second half of this year so it's cool to see the progress on something like this cuz let's gets a very cool project I actually think that there's a couple

Other things that will be going on it in the future but this is just the first one as it right now and then lists biggest development milestone to date is nearly here they've announced that list core 1.0 will go to main net next week

Which is August 29th we've got our block height announcement the migration of the list core 1.0 to main net will happen when we've reached the block high of this number at the end of round 68,000 327 so this is pretty enormous news

Because it sets the foundation for all future development of their various products which are list core which doors and main network blockchain data and secures the network infrastructure risk elements which is a collection of

Libraries such as the shared cryptography and API representation transactional logic for local signing and important constants for the ecosystem and lists commander which is the command line interface to the list

Core api's I reached out to the list team to make sure that there wasn't anything information-wise that I was missing and they told me that they've also scaled up massively so now there's 51 people working out of the new office

In Berlin and they have huge plans to expand within each department from development through the marketing and design another big question that we've been hearing people ask is when is there software development kit coming out so

Eliska's planning to release their JavaScript SDK alpha by which their DAP can be developed for the list blockchain the release of this has been pushed back quite a bit however and unfortunately I wasn't able to find any information

Directly about the day as far as I know the only like I could get out of anybody is that it should be coming after the main tonight also if anyone is curious about staking rewards from list this is a nice little payout table that'll give

You kind of just an estimation of how much you're holding and what you should be getting if you are falling under these categories for who you are have elected as your delegates and then liske builders if you put in your

Address it will show you if you've voted for all of the delegates or enough of the delegates within each of these groups to be receiving these payouts on a monthly basis which is very important because if you only vote for three

Quarters of each you're not going to be meeting the requirements for the delegates to get your staking rewards because the you know it's a delegated proof of stake system so you have to vote for your delegates oh no I think

The rebrand turned out really great their website is beautiful easy to use all the information is where you'd expect it to be you know they've got all their events they've got a ton of stuff going on this year and it ton more

Events that they're going to so you should definitely come over to the site and check it out if you are interested so now there's a few points that I'd like to mention which are kind of unrelated to the update or the news

About the project but it's just something that I felt it was necessary to mention so the first one is the team's extremely helpful they were insanely easy to get a hold of I mean I got a hold of all the mods and

I was able to get a hold of the head of the team basically right on telegram answered my questions pretty much immediately and everybody was extremely friendly and helpful so that I was very impressed by I also appreciate the fact

When I say hey I'm making a video you know people give me a chance to explain myself and don't just assume that you know maybe I'm being dishonest or kind of have like wrong intentions or something so I was grateful to be to

Receive a warm welcome so to speak and to I would also like to shout out the fact that they have a branding style guide on their website means that they have a spot dedicated to their project logos colors and their branding to be

Used which means that I get all of my video and thumbnail images directly from their site and I'm able to get a background and everything else because all of their branding stuff is there now this may not be useful to any of my

Viewers but for me this saves me an extraordinary amount of time because I'm able to get you know a vector file of their logo I can get the background for their website I can get a whole bunch of branding stuff to make my thumbnail look

Nice and clean and make any images or any additions to the video very simple but to the point because it's coming directly from them again not huge than anybody else but to me extremely important so there's any other

Teams watching this or are interested in how they can approve sort of their PR with people having a brain Gide or like a press release packet is extremely helpful and I would suggest that most projects have that accessible

On their website one last thing I don't know if you guys notice but my Daedalus shirt is green which means it's kind of green screened everything out so you can see the background which is pretty funny if you like the shirt and you want to

Get one I have a red bubble store now so you guys can order stuff with a bunch of different righty but I also have my regular merch store on my website with a bunch of t-shirts up there stickers and whatever if you guys want to pick up

Some merch alright guys that about wraps it up for me this time around I want to thank you all for watching and I will see you guys soon

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