️Update️- Cardano | Ledger Support, Partnerships & Coinbase?

by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

alright guys I'm back to do another coin
update this time it's gonna be on card
on Oh as most of you know I've been a
pretty big fan of Cortana since I found
out about it pretty much when I got into
crypto which is like a year and a half
ago at this point for those of you who
may have missed it I actually did a live
interview with Charles Hoskinson way
back probably six months ago now at this
point so if you missed it you should go
check it out we covered a lot of stuff
it was like a two-hour interview it was
really awesome and I was really grateful
for the opportunity to do that please
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investments have inherent risk and
please do your own research in the
spirit of transparency because I like to
disclose my holdings I am still holding
all of the adda from when I did my first
card on video I actually bought more in
these most recent dips I'd like to
remind people that this content is not
paid for it is not reimbursed for by any
company any groups and I have no
financial incentive in making these
review videos normally I like to wear
crypto swag related to whatever I'm
covering I have a card on a hoodie that
I love but it's like 90 degrees in my
house so I opted not to wear it because
I figured nobody wanted to see me
sweating on-screen all right so what
does Carano have been doing as of lately
well recently which is a pretty big deal
they released their paper while it's for
Daedalus for those of you who don't know
what a paper while it is it's offline
cold storage it's a method of saving
your cryptocurrency and includes
printing out your public and private
keys on a piece of paper in which you
can store and either a safe or a safety
deposit box or whatever and usually the
keys are printed in the form of a QR
code which can later be scanned to be
utilized for something else the idea
behind it is that it's not connected to
the Internet and because of that it's a
very safe secure way to store things I
know that asking for paper wallets was
actually something that was pretty
common in people were requesting it and
Daedalus so this was a big thing people
were very excited about the next thing
that I'm super excited about would be
ledger adding card on O or ADA supports
this has been in the works for quite a
while it's definitely something that
I hear get talked about a lot I know
that Charles Hoskinson had done a live
kind of just review AMA on YouTube where
he'd mentioned a couple months ago that
they were going to add the support based
on what I'm seeing you know external
development I don't know if that means
that they're waiting on Cardno to send
over the stuff that they need to set it
up on the ledger or vice versa
but as you can see there's a lot of
comments here from people that are
looking forward to it for me being able
to store cryptocurrency on a ledger is a
huge Pro I've said that from the very
beginning the day I got my ledger I
moved everything I could onto it and I
suggest that most people do the same and
stuff for the safest way to store all
your cryptocurrency and because I love
cardano's so much it would be nice for
me able to store all of my crypto on
there I think they were also stating
that there will possibly be staking and
other things involved as far as ledger
support goes so that's a huge incentive
for me to because don't get me wrong I
like having some of my computer because
it's accessible but I plan on holding
Carano for an extremely long time so
being able to put it somewhere where
it's going to stake and just kind of do
its own thing and be safe is very
all right next up is their partnership
so in May there was an announcement that
Carano had partnered with met Apps Plus
which made it an acceptable payment
method as part of their South Korean
based payment service maddox plus is a
mole payment service that advocates for
the integration of cryptos and digital
assets into its active platforms and
mobile payment apps as you can see here
there's also a quote where the team
behind a distress is that this
partnership is very important for Carano
nellen because it promotes ADA in the
market as a currency worth being
invested in but also broadens the
targeted market while widening the
accessibility of aid in the market and
that's really all we can ask for
cryptocurrency right is accessibility
and usability and adoption so any
partnership and the hi know that word
gets thrown around a lot but any
partnership that's going to help further
our cause with cryptocurrency is a good
partnership all right next up is their
redesign so in January of this year
Hoskinson saw this video online and
ended up kind of sparking a whole
redesign it is a history of Coronado
from 2015 to 2018 as far as like a
visualization of all the progress and
the updates to their github basically
cardano's states that they just decided
to start a redesign behind
this because it they feel they have
their fair share of trolls making false
accusations online that Cardno is
vaporware vaporware is basically a fancy
word for saying that they have no
project or no product and it's kind of a
this animation uses the data from github
to show where card island developers had
updated or added a new piece of code to
the project it created an active
visualization showing the progress
essentially debunking a lot of these
claims so because of that this video in
particular it ended up making them want
to do a rebrand they ended up using some
of the the features from this video to
help with the rebrand as like icons and
things on the screen I really liked the
video I think that any visual learning
aid is very important which is why I add
so many images and things to my videos
too and it does really help put it in
perspective for people because again I
say this all the time but we all have an
attention span of like five whole
seconds in this space and if somebody's
not putting out new content new
information new something every single
day people forget you know what happened
yesterday they're more interested in
what happened what's happening tomorrow
so it's cool that somebody created this
to really show the progression of a
project and what would be neat is if
people created this for other projects
and then we could kind of compare and
contrast based on worked on other github
who was doing more developing versus not
and so on alright so the next important
thing is the updates to pollute us or
Plutus core kudus which comes from the
ancient Greek deity of wealth is a
haskell derived language used to express
smart contracts on the Cardinal platform
and is developed by IO HK this is
important because smart contracts are a
huge component of Carano and so
obviously you know as it say it says
here it's only 15% done as far as
staging and it's in early development
but the fact that they're making
progress on it
because I think the last time I checked
it was actually at 10% I love these
progress bars and these percentages but
you know showing here it's extremely
important as far as increasing richer
interactions and other things with the
on the card on a platform so any
development on this is very important
the next update development we've seen
is updates to the yearly virtual machine
so the new version of the virtual
machine would serve it's a lower level
uniform platform that is capable for
translating higher-level languages and
executing smart contracts so Healy
the virtual machine and Buddhists are
obviously going to work hand in hand
here the virtual machine would make
writing secure contracts much easier and
this development is in 95 percent the
next eye on the roadmap that's really
important is the Gogan a Lee chestnut
launch so pretty much the test net is
going to be how people are going to
create some more contracts test them and
see how they work instead of like a
vacuum environment the private network
is going to be able to be used to be
tested with code tested with smart
contracts see if there's any integration
or any bugs issues early on to prevent
any catastrophic problems going forward
so Plutus is how they write smart
contracts and then Gogan is the
application or the layer of Cardno
that runs the smart contracts so this
the yelly virtual machine in Plutus all
work hand in hand so they're all very
important and it's good to see some
progress obviously as you can see gogans
at 75% stages implementation so they're
getting very close to being able to put
out the test net the last thing i want
to touch on unless you've been living
under a rock you've heard about coinbase
exploring the addition of Cardno basic
attention token stellar z cash and 0x
you know don't get your hopes up
obviously because coinbase is coinbase
but I do think the projects they picked
are interesting I don't necessarily know
if I agree with all of them but I will
keep my sort of opinion to myself I'm
excited to see if Cardno does end up
getting added because I think it's going
to again legitimize the project and
maybe decrease some of the concerns with
people yelling about it being vaporware
even though it's not and I think you
know bat is also and still are also very
good contenders I don't know much about
0x but it was cool to see Carano getting
a little bit of spotlight again because
I think in the last couple months with
the development and sort of the market
being bad that nobody's really been
paying much attention to it and I do
think that it still deserves the
attention that it was getting in the
past alright guys well that about wraps
it up for my quick little update
cardano's been doing a lot of
development but you know the progress
bars are moving there's not a lot
necessarily to show on websites and
other things to kind of prove that point
but I you know their roadmap is
fantastic they're always updating things
and there's always a way to see what's
new what's been changed what's been
added so I would definitely suggest
going to look at it and getting yourself
familiar with it so you have an idea of
what they're improving on and when there
are updates
and you know kind of stuff to look
forward to as usual I want to thank
everybody for watching you're the best
and I appreciate all the support that
I'm always getting and in the meantime
I'll see you guys soon

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