️Update️- BAT | Upcoming Brave Ads, The “Coinbase Effect”, & Partnership with Adledger/IBM?

by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

hello everyone and welcome back to the channel today I'm gonna do an update video on basic attention token hence the hoodie for those who are new here these are follow-up videos that I do to touch on a project and see what they've been

Up to since the last time that I covered them I made my original video about bat and like I think June and obviously a lot has happened since then so I want to go over everything in the spirit of

Transparency I do have that in my portfolio there's a few people that have added me into their contribution list as a verified publisher on the brave browser essentially what that means is they donate bat to me on a monthly basis

It's actually very similar to the set up for patreon if you're familiar with that for people who may be wondering no this is not a paid update video and I'm receiving no reimbursement for the content do me a favor give me a thumbs

Up if you liked the video and subscribe if you also want to see more of my content like this in the future and the final thing I'd like to mention before we get started is to go check out the blockchain brief it's the the website

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The link to sign up will be down below if you want to check it out normal disclaimer so applies here I'm not a financial advisor all investments have inherent risk and please do your own research alright let's get into it even

Though this post right here is the one-year anniversary and it actually came out a month earlier than last time I cover the project it touches on a lot of points that I feel that are super important one year ago the basic

Attention token sale started at 7:30 a.m. sold out within 30 seconds so on and so forth they raised 36 million by November of that year the bat platform was expanded to youtube enabling audiences to use the brave payments to

Reward their favorite content creators which is what I had talked about before in February they allowed the bat platform to deal with publishers and content creators allowing a single account to manage multiple multiple

Properties so basically what this means is if I have a YouTube and a website and maybe something else that I own I could put that all under the same umbrella and that people can see that all of that content is mine so I have another

YouTube channel my crypto one and then my website and they're all under my publisher content on brave which is pretty neat since that time over 2.4 million monthly active user for the brave browser that's pretty awesome

And 16,000 verified publishers including a lot of thousand YouTube creators that may not seem like a lot but you also have to think in context of it's very difficult to get people to use a browser because everybody is well we're all

Creatures of habit right so everybody gets used to using Chrome or Safari I don't know why they wouldn't use that but if they do so getting this many people to actively use another browser is pretty monumental I think at least

Personally it took me quite a while to move over the brave browser but once I did I really didn't regret it plus obviously being able to get bat every month is a really awesome perk in June they released a blog post about beta

Testing for the brave ads they wanted to be able to show people relevant ads on a platform while giving them revenue for their attention hence the name basic attention tobin the cool part of it is you'll be able to opt in or opt out of

These ads once they're live it'll be a choice that the user gets to experience so now we're ready to start voluntarily testing our ad model before we scale to further user trials once we satisfy the performance of the ad system so pretty

Much they want to make sure that they're perfect and everybody enjoys them before running them across the entire platform brave ads will be shown directly in the browser and a private channel to users who consent to them when the brave ad

System becomes widely available users will see 70 percent of the gross ad revenue while preserving the privacy so let's talk about that a little bit seventy percent of revenue that first of all we've never gone before right so we

All use these different platforms these different browsers and there's all kinds of ads that we see we get nothing the middleman and the people running the ads get something so this is pretty amazing that they're gonna change the whole

Landscape of advertising as far as web pages goes and we're gonna get allotted bat and rewarded for watching stuff or looking at ads which of course you can opt in or opt out of again I think the project itself is a pretty amazing

Concept and I think it's gonna be very useful I personally have been patiently waiting for the brave ads to come out I've really wanted to see them on the platform so I'm looking forward to that in the future in juma building opt-in

Test first select group of users to collect insights so that's pretty cool as far as them being out haven't seen anything about that but around 250 prepackaged ads will be rotating during this trial so I would imagine if it's

Been out since June that will likely start maybe seeing or hearing talks about coming in a non beta form then in July they posted another blog that highlighted the fact that their app was listed in the

Top ten across a few different countries in the App Store to be honest I feel like this is a really remarkable accomplishment I think the sheer amount of people who browse the app store looking for alternatives to the things

That they're already using is a large number of people and seeing something on the top 10 is automatically gonna legitimize the project without anyone even knowing anything about it beforehand so it says here brave also

Reached the top 10 category in the free communications app for its Android users in the Google Play Store in the United States as well as 20 countries across Europe Asia and the Americas yeah so I mean number eight in the US number seven

In Canada number eight and France number four in Portugal that's that's huge we have all these people who aren't involved in crypto now just seeing the app just getting accustomed to the name and maybe they did some googling to

Figure out what it was you never know the kind of conversion rate that must get but again seeing it on the app store which the average person views as safe is gonna legitimize the platform and the project next the

Brave browser teamed up with civic which is an identity verification platform it's crypto based civic is the global identity leader and brave and innovative privacy browser combined with blockchain based digital advertising platform will

Collaborate and provide civics identity verification services to Braves verified publishers so what I'm gathering is they're gonna use civics identity verification platform as the KYC to enable publishers to safely and securely

Verify their identities and receive back contributions without sharing anything so if I signed up as a verified publisher and I didn't want to put in any personal information I could go through civic I actually have the app on

My phone already for civic but I can use that to sign up as a verified publisher get verified receive my bat and there doesn't have to be any information or any middleman any worry that anything is gonna get lost or stolen maybe and even

Though this is obviously a privacy browser it's still important to know that if you're inputting information to it at some point there may be concern for something going out in the open or people having access to it so adding

Civic and adding that to the KYC is just gonna be another step in security and unless you've been living under a rock you definitely heard about bat getting listed on coin base my thoughts on this are positive – the coin base

Bomp I say this because I really like the project which I think everybody knows at this point and I know coinbase is one of the first places that newcomers are gonna go to get involved in crypto and because of that I'm happy

That that is gonna be one of the first projects that presented with something that maybe they get used to seeing and they see as less intimidating because it's validated for being out coinbase so starting today coinbase supports the

Basic attention token of coinbase calm bla bla bla that will be available for customers in most jurisdictions but ma but initially not available for residents in the state of New York go figure that always happens now for

People interested in price if we take a look at coin market cap November 8th is when it was listed so let's see 5th 6th 7th 8th so if you see right here this big pump in a price that would be what they call the coin base effect now I'm

Not normally one to talk about price or pull up coin market cap at all but I'm not a huge fan of this price action and that's because the issue is that a people could in theory get pretty direct by this trend if they expect that every

Time a coin gets listen on coin base it's gonna start going up in price the whole buy the rumor sell the news and be it's semi upsetting because a lot of people associate price with if the project is worthwhile or not I'd rather

Not see people lose interest in brave or bat because of a temporary pump in the price also if new people see a spike like this they may FOMO in and seriously regret it later in December brave updates it's browser which included a

Redesign and some speed upgrades the team states that it's about 22% faster than in the past I can personally say that I've noticed a difference as I use the brave browser on all my computers also what's huge at

Least for me because I love it is that they added an option for night mode night mode is an option on any app on anything I'm using it so this was a change that although small meant a lot to me so it says here speed the new

Brave browser is our fastest browser 22% faster load time also with Braves new version extensions may be stalled by the user the caution users to only install trusted extensions I also think that they are allowing more than they used to

Which is important brave rewards got rebranded previously known as brave payments it's completely redesigned payment system and rewards users for browsing creators for the content with basic attention Shogun so if you have

Been using brave you've probably noticed with the update there's a whole new wallet you've got your payment center up here it also shows you how many ads you've been blocking you use have to go under I believe it was like

The preferences or the settings to see that but now it's right up on the toolbar which is pretty cool and it gives you like a little number to show you how many ads it's blocking so aesthetically it's just a bit more

Pleasing on December 19th there was an announcement that baton brave joined add ledger which is a group that was formed by IBM basic attention token has announced it's partnered with AD ledger a non-profit research and development in

Building blockchain standards for digital advertising founded by IBM which is pretty cool according to an update by brave the goals of ad Ledger's to educate partners and advertisers on the benefits of blockchain to develop

Technical standards that will change the way the change which the industry needs in the same vein CEO at mat hive it's a founding member of AD ledger who spoke on the latest additions his brave is revolutionizing the future of web

Browsing I'd have to agree with him there the cool part is the projects getting recognized for what it's doing and I think it's just a matter of time it's a more non crypto or an on blockchain based groups or whatever

Associations start to recognize this as a very powerful platform and ideally maybe we'll start to see more meaningful partnerships like this on December 20th they released another blog post which they outlined their new tipping banner

Update this is basically a prompt for people who are using the brave browser to tip content creators who are verified once they land on their page for example say you're on the brave browser and you go to my website you'll be prompted with

A banner asking if you'd like to tip me what's really cool about this is it's going to show users what content creators are active on the browser and remind them that there's also the option to support them if they wish

Along with this update brave verified publishers and creators can customize tipping banners for their site so you can change what it says you can change the tipping amount you can add images all kinds of different stuff brave users

Will see this banner appear when they visit those sites and click send tip now 23,000 brave verified publishers and creators will be getting to benefit from this because that's how many people they have in the platform however this

Actually caused some issues on December I think was 21st there was some you know major controversy on Twitter about this guy Tom Scott pretty much saying that he didn't give brave permission to add him to the browser there was a picture of

Him and he was kind of freaking out that maybe people were tipping him and he wasn't receiving it and that the brave team was taking it or something like that so it was this large misunderstanding on that eventually got

Settled there's a big big difference between sending someone money and sending up a donation page for untold members of people without their knowledge basically what he thought was that brave had set up a page for him

Individually was accepting tips on his behalf and then keeping them which is not the case as you can see Brendon who is one of the founders of the project responds pretty quickly and there was a lot of discussion about

It I'll leave the link for this Twitter thread down below a lot of people got very upset because they didn't understand don't understand the platform on what they're doing so Tom's primary issue was that he thought brave was

Using his face in his name to solicit donations which actually they figured out was he was referring to the tipping banner which displays an image and text for the web being visited by the user which I had mentioned before so it seems

That this guy interpreted the screenshots of the tipping banner as someone taking the page and setting it up to target Tom's user the day after the basic intention blog issued a statement pretty much clearing this all

Up and explaining that starting tomorrow brave rewards were clearly indicate which publishers and creators have not joined brave rewards so users can better control how they donate tip this message will appear in regular donation

Processes and in the tipping box brave rewards allows users to anonymously donate to their favorite content providers even if they have not registered as creators as contributions build up brave will attempt to notify

Creators they have tokens waiting for them there's also I don't know if it's on this website but it says I believe that they hold the donations for a year and if they aren't picked up or recognized by the content creator then

They will end up going back to the basic attention pool the bat pool that gets used for like community stuff and end whatever but it sounds like that they're gonna be changing the way it works anyways to prevent any of these issues

From happening in the future now I can 100% understand where this guy was coming from if you don't understand the platform and you don't understand the purpose it can easily be misconstrued that may be the bat team or the brave

Browser was somehow benefiting from having him on a platform now on the flipside his reaction was a little over the top if you read the whole thread he seemed to get somewhat heated and then a lot of people subsequently after him

Also got very frustrated they'd just done a little bit of research they would have understood that the team isn't taking the bat and then gets donated to him or gets donated to the pool I think the brave ultimately

Decided to make the default that people cannot donate to unverified publishers will be a very smart idea it's gonna prevent issues like this from the future it's gonna be less confusing for people who don't understand the platform as

Well plus it's gonna give the people donating a little clarity about who's already using brave and who is in what we do have it to look forward to Samson who's a developer for the project and he's on Twitter he's very very active on

Twitter so that we have bat tipping on Reddit and Twitter to look for – which is coming up so I'm excited about that as well all right guys that's it for today's update video on bat if you have any projects that you'd like me to cover

Or content suggestions please feel free to leave them down in the comments below I try to get to everybody and respond as usual thank you for watching and I'll see everyone soon hey you thanks for watching my update video on the basic

Attention toquyen project and the brave platform if you're looking for more updates and other projects check out my playlist over there and as usual thanks for watching my channel

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